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Nemo and the Black Cauldron Part One

By King 'Ryan' Huffman 'The Brave of Houston Street'

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, except for some of the dialogue. 

Chapter Seven: I See Fire

"The very next morning, by dawn's early light, me, Nemo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, along with our friends and Babe traveled with Gandalf and the Dwarves…on their quest to reclaim their homeland." Frodo narrated as everyone, excluding Iago, Spike, Babe and the ponies…were seen the next morning riding, either on non-Equestrian ponies or on actual horses…in Nemo and Gandalf's cases. 

"I can barely believe it, Gandalf. I had no idea that Babe could actually make visions and things like that." Nemo said as Gandalf smiled. 

"Well, Nemo my boy, it goes to show you…that not everything's as it seems." Gandalf said with a laugh.

"Now I know why Babe is so special, Mr. Frodo. You had never told me that Babe could do visions." Sam said as Frodo smiled. 

"Well you never asked me before, Sam. I was always told to keep it a secret, even from Nemo."  Frodo answered. 

"And by special, I thought that Bilbo meant that Babe would make a special piece of bacon or--." Pippin said before everyone and every pony, excluding the non-talking ones, glared at Pippin and said. 

"PIPPIN!" They said. 

"Sorry." Pippin apologized quickly. 

"Why are Frodo, Bilbo and I even related to you, Pippin?" Merry asked in annoyance and embarrassed by Pippin's immaturity. 

"Hmph. Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!" Sam scoffed in annoyance. 

For these two Hobbits...well actually Pippin wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. 

"Ditto to that, Sam. How Frodo and Bilbo are related to those two is anyone's guess. But something concerns me. Why would Ganondorf kidnap Twilight?" Ben asked in concern. 

"Or Rarity? Don't forget he captured her, too." Spike said. 

"Oh, I don't know, Ben and Spike. Maybe he's…frigging after your Triforce Cutie Mark!" Iago said as he pointed to Ben's Triforce Cutie Mark. 

"My Cutie Mark? Why do you say that, Iago?" 

"Think about it, Benny. He wants all three pieces of the Triforce to truly conquer Middle-Earth. And unless I'm mistaken, Ganondorf best represents the Triforce of Power. Whereas you…maybe the Triforce of Courage and Twiley…I'll guess the Triforce of Wisdom." 

"Actually for your information, Iago…I best personify all three of them. How else do you think I can summon the weapons of the Hero of Time?" Ben asked. 

"Oh…ha ha ha. Right. I forgot." 

"Gee, I sure hope Twilight and Rarity are okay." Fluttershy said in concern. 

"Ganondorf maybe a heartless and ruthless monster, but he won't torture Twilight or Rarity too much, Fluttershy. He's probably trying to use Twilight as bait for Ben and Rarity…well…Rarity…possibly for finding gems and diamonds. But for what purpose?" Rainbow wondered. 

"I don't know, Rainbow Dash…but at least we'll get to do this all again in JusSonic's upcoming MLP version of the Black Cauldron…well…excluding maybe some of the Hobbit things and such." Pinkie said much to the confusion of most of the others. 

"So, Thorin. Ah heard many tales about the Lonely Mountain, but Ah ain't never seen it before. Are all the stories true? About the gold and the Arkenstone?" Applejack asked. 

"Yes, indeed, Applejack. The stories you've heard are true about the gold. Everything we made was purely out of diamonds and jewels and--." Thorin said before something rustled in the grass. 

This caused everyone to stop. 

"Whoa." Gandalf said to his horse, before a figure was seen rustling through the grass on a sled pulled by eight…rabbits? 

"Thieves! Fire! Murder!" Said the figure, who turned out to an old man…just like Gandalf with a brownish grey beard, light blue eyes, crooked front teeth, wearing a brown fur cap, clad in brown rags and carrying an oaken staff with a blue crystal inside. 

Gandalf sighed in relief as he recognized the old geezer. 

"Radagast. It's Radagast the Brown." Gandalf said with a sigh as he rode towards Radagast and whispered. 

"What on Earth are you doing here, Radagast?" 

"I was looking for you, Gandalf. King Morpheus of Slumberland's guards told me to bring you a message." Radagast said quickly. 

"A message from King Morpheus? And what does the King need me for?" Gandalf asked in confusion. 

"Something's wrong, Gandalf. Something's terribly wrong." 

"Yes?" Gandalf asked. 

Radagast was about to speak before he paused and thought for a moment. 

Then he tried again, but still nothing from old Radagast.

"Give me just a minute."

But then Radagast gave up immediately.

"Oh...I had a thought and now I've lost it. It was right there on the tip of my tongue."

Then it came to Radagast as he started talking with his tongue in his mouth.

"Oh. It's not a thought at all."

Then he stuck out his tongue to reveal a stick bug.

"It's a silly old..."

Gandalf picked up the stick bug and placed it in Radagast's hands.

"...stick insect."

Then Gandalf and Radagast spoke alone for a bit. 

"Princess Camille and her friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Camille's pet fruit bat, Batty, have been kidnapped, Gandalf." 

"Kidnapped? Kidnapped by who?" 

"Morpheus saw a pack of Orcs dragging the Princess and her friends off. I know not where they were going, probably east…towards Mordor, but the King asked for you, personally,  to find her and bring her home, Gandalf." Radagast said. 

"Very well, Radagast. However, I will need some advice from the head of our order. He'll know what to do." Gandalf said to Radagast before he rode in front of the gang. 

"I must be off. I have pressing business to attend to at Isengard, but I will meet up with you all when I can." Gandalf said before he rode close to Nemo and whispered. 

"Nemo, no matter what happens…don't let Babe out of your sight; for the servants of the Dark Lord will stop at nothing to find him. Always remember, Nemo…the Black Cauldron is waiting to get back into the hands of evil…it wants…to be found."  

Then Gandalf rode off as quick as a flash.

When Gandalf was gone, and Radagast, too, Thorin urged everyone on. 

"Come. We do not stop any further until nightfall." Thorin said as the gang continued to ride, walk or fly…in Ben and Rainbow's case, after all Ben was a Demi-Alicorn. 

Then night fell, as Bombur slept and snored. 

Pippin groaned at the extremely large Dwarf's snoring and spoke. 

"How can anyone sleep with that overgrown Dwarf snoring?!" 

"Some people are rather used to the sound of snoring, Pippin." Frodo said before a loud howl was heard. 

"What was that?" Merry asked as he looked around. 

"Orcs." Kili answered grimly.

"Orcs?" Sam asked.

Thorin raised his head up at the mention of the word 'Orcs'.

"What are Orcs?" Frodo asked in fear and confusion.

"Fierce creatures. A poor, crippled, tortured form of life. Orcs may not always be the smartest of monsters, but when in great hordes...they are a force not to be reckoned with. But they're also throat-cutters. There'll be dozens of them out there. The lone-lands are crawling with them." Fili explained.

"They strike in the wee small hours when everyone's asleep. Quick and quiet, no screams. Just lots of blood." Kili said, causing the boy, Hobbits, ponies and Dragon to feel a bit...queasy and frightened.

Of course, Fili and Kili started laughing a bit at their own joke, that is until Thorin glared at them.

"You think that's funny? You think a night raid by Orcs is a joke?" Thorin scolded his nephews, who seemed guilty for telling that joke.

"We didn't mean anything by it." Kili apologized, but Thorin was not impressed.

"No, you didn't. You know nothing of the world."

Nemo felt hurt by Thorin's words.

What was that all about?

Balin decided to explain what Thorin's problem was to the kids.

"Don't mind him, laddies and lassies. Thorin has more cause than hate Orcs." Balin said.

"What do you mean, Balin?" Ben asked.

"After the Dragon...and of course, I mean Smaug,...took the Lonely Mountain, King Thror tried to reclaim the ancient Dwarf-Kingdom of Moria...But our enemy had got there first..."

Then a flashback was seen of a great, but fierce and bloody battle...

The exiled Dwarves of Erebor were seen fighting against a vast Orc horde.

Among those Dwarves were King Thror, Thrain, Thorin, Balin and Dwalin.

And it appeared that the Dwarves were fighting for their lives, but they were on the losing side of the battle.

Arrows were shot into the air...both by Orc and Dwarf archers.

Many of the Dwarves were killed by Orc arrows as a fierce, giant pale-looking Orc with tattoo like incisions all over his face and body, filed teeth, light blue eyes and carrying a huge mace started swatting away many Dwarf soldiers as though they were flies.

"Moria had been taken by legions of Orcs...led by the most vile of all their race; Azog...the Defiler."

The Orc, Azog, spotted King Thror and began to swing his mace at the Dwarf King, who blocked the weapon with his shield.

"The giant Gundabad Orc..."

Then we shifted back to the present.

"...had sworn to wipe out the Line of Durin."

"What happened next, Balin?" Nemo asked wanting to hear more.

"All right...but it won't be a pretty image for ye, Nemo...He beheading the King..."

Then we got to see Azog, holding the decapitated head of Thror in his right hand, roaring fiercely as he held a scimitar in his left hand.

Thorin gasped at what he saw as Azog threw Thror's head onto the ground.


Back to the present...

"Thrain, Thorin's father, was driven mad by grief. He went missing. Taken prisoner or killed...we did not know. We were leaderless...Defeat and death...were upon us..." Balin explained as the Dwarves were seen running for their lives or being thrown off the cliffs near the East Gate of Moria.

Then Balin told the part of the story where Thorin got his battle-earned name.

"That is when...I saw him..." Balin smiled as he spoke.

"A young Dwarf Prince...facing down the Pale Orc."

Thorin was then seen charging at Azog, who swung his mace in a 360 degree and knocked both Thorin's shield and his sword from him as well as sending Thorin tumbling to the ground.

"He stood alone against this terrible foe..."

Thorin looked around to find something to defend himself with as Azog continued to attack him.

Seeing an oak branch, he picked it up with his left hand and used it to defend himself from Azog's mace.

And surprisingly, the oak branch stood unbroken as Azog tried to get at Thorin.

"His armor rent...wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shield..."

Just as Azog was about to crush Thorin once and for all, the heir to the Line of Durin picked up his sword and cut off Azog's left hand, which held his mace surprisingly.

Azog screamed and roared in pain as the Pale Orc held his amputated left forearm.

"Azog the Defiler learned that day...that the Line of Durin...would not be so easily broken..."

Then Orcs were seen carrying their mortally wounded leader back into the halls of Moria as Thorin shouted in Dwarvish to attack.

Now armed with new found courage, and a new leader, the Dwarves of Erebor rallied and fought the Orcs on the offensive.

"Our forces rallied...and drove the Orcs back. And our enemy had been defeated..." Balin narrated, but then there was a hint of gloominess in the old Dwarf's voice.

"But there was no feast nor song...that night..."

Those that had survived that fierce battle were either sitting in sadness or looking over the bodies of their fallen comrades in arms.

"...for our dead were beyond the count of grief."

Balin and Dwalin were seen touching their foreheads together, just like they did at Bag-End, only it was in sadness and not in joy.

"We few had survived."

Then Balin saw Thorin carrying the oaken branch his left hand and his sword in his right hand, walking proudly as the flashback ended.

"And I thought to myself then...There is one who I could follow. There is one...I could call King." Balin said as he finished his story and he looked proudly on Thorin.

The Dwarves, and even everyone else stood proudly at the King of Durin's Folk.

"And what about Azog? What happened to him?" Nemo asked, wondering what had become of Thorin's sworn enemy.

"He slunk back into the hole from whence he came. That filth died of his wounds long ago." Thorin explained bluntly and seriously.

"I don't understand." Nemo said in shock and surprise.

"I thought that battles were glorious and heroic, but...the way you told the story, sounded a bit-."

"Like Hell, Nemo?" Dwalin asked nonchallantly.

"Yes...that's right, Dwalin. That's what I thought-." The boy answered, until Dwalin got too close to Nemo's face and showed the scar that was on the right side of his face and his bitten off right ear.

" what it's like...when you've actually fought in battle, lad. It's not glorious, it's not beautiful...and it's not even heroic. It's merely doing what you believe to be right...and doing it again and again...even if one look just like this." Dwalin said showing his scar again to make his point clear to the son of Aragorn.

Nemo sighed at Dwalin's words.

Maybe the Prince-in-hiding should have known better than to think of war as some sort of game.

Now he knew not to be so childish when it came to war and violence any more. 

"Well…since none of us can sleep tonight, well not yet anyway, why don't I get everyone's attention with a song?" Ben asked as he used his magic to summon a guitar and a violin.  

"Say, Benny. Pass me the violin, please?" Applejack asked as Ben gave her the violin and Nemo the guitar. 

"You do know how to play the guitar, right, Nemo?" 

"Well, a bit…" Nemo admitted. 

"Then that's good. Applejack, please start." 


As Applejack played the violin, Ben began to sing. 

Ben: Oh, misty eye of the mountain below

Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls

And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke

Keep watching over Durin's sons

Then the gang, even Babe, began to vocalize as Nemo played the guitar. 

Ben: If this is to end in fire

Then we should all burn together

Watch the flames climb high into the night

Calling our father hold stand by and we will

Watch the flames burn on and on

The mountain side

As the gang continued to vocalize, the campfire glowed deep in the dark.

Ben: And if we should die tonight

We should all die together

Raise a glass of wine for the last time

Calling out father

Prepare as we will

Watch the flames burn auburn on

The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire

Inside the mountains

I see fire

Burning the trees

And I see fire

Hollowing souls

I see fire

Blood in the breeze

And I hope that you remember me

As the gang continued to vocalize, the wind blew really loud and crashed into a few trees. 

Ben: Oh, should my people fall then

Surely I'll do the same

Confined in mountain halls

We got too close to the flame

Calling out father

Hold fast and we will

Watch the flames burn on and on

The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire

Inside the mountains

I see fire

Burning the trees

And I see fire

Hollowing souls

I see fire

Blood in the breeze

And I hope that you remember me

Then everyone sang with Ben as the song came to a near end. 

Ben (along with everyone else): And if the night is burning

I will cover my eyes

For if the dark returns then

My brothers will die

And as the sky's falling down

It crashed into this lonely town

And with that shadow upon the ground

I hear my people screaming out

And I see fire

Inside the mountains

I see fire

Burning the trees

I see fire

Hollowing souls

I see fire

Blood in the breeze

I see fire (fire)

Oh, you know I saw a city burning out

And I see fire (fire)

Feel the heat upon my skin

And I see fire (fire)


Ben: And I see fire

Burn auburn on the mountain side

As the song ended, everyone else began to sleep. 

"I guess that song worked." Ben shrugged as he went to sleep. 

A few moments later, a fierce looking wolf-like creature known as a Warg growled.

On top of the Warg was an Orc who was clad in black savage armor and carried a lance like weapon in his left hand.

This Orc was named Yazneg, and he looked as though he had found his quarry.

He began speaking in the Black Speech.

"Send word to the Master...we have found the Dwarf-scum, Celestia's son and the heir of Aragorn." Yazneg said to one of his lackies.

Whoever this...'Master' was, they were interested in both the Dwarves and their King, Ben and Nemo.

But why?

Only fate and time would tell why.

Author's notes: Well, now we know a bit more about Thorin's past and that someone's now after Thorin and Company. In the next chapter, Gandalf meets up with Saruman in Isengard…where a dark secret involving Saruman is about to be revealed, especially since he knows Gandalf's plans and of Nemo's little secret in reference to The Fellowship of the Ring.

Anyway, here's what you need to know.

Check out the references to Unexpected Journey and The Legend of Zelda games, and Sam's quote 'Trust a Brandybuck and a Took' comes from Fellowship. 

And the song that Ben sang is the ending credits song 'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran from Desolation of Smaug, though it's Ed version mixed with the two Peter Hollens video covers…in my version. 

Until the next chapter, please read, review and suggest. 

See ya later, alligators. 

As the journey begins, we learn about Thorin's past and Ben sings a certain Ed Sheeran song. 
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Great job on the chapter.What should happen next is that Saruman should also know about Nemo and then realize that it's part of the prophecy...he could be working for Ganandorf
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Cool...and I know who you mean.
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Not just because of Smaug's appearance, but also because of Smaug's voice and his ability to plant doubt into the minds of his enemies, and also because in my story...Nemo and Camille's argument is somewhat caused by the Dragon sickness that lays within the treasure they found. And Nemo...before he tries to apologize to Camille looks into his own reflection, only to find Smaug's face instead of his own, taunting him and sadistically tormenting his mind, saying that he and Nemo are not so different after all.

Like this, for example..

Smaug: Just one more push, Nemo...and you would become just like me; a monster!

Nemo: No! I'm not like you, Smaug. You're lying.

Smaug: Who's lying now?
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Smaug: You didn't really think that I'd just let you get away with stealing my gold, did you, Nemo? There are always great consequences for one's own actions, especially for stealing. This isn't the conduct of a true Prince. didn't tell Camille...did you? Oh, this is very rich. You can hide that secret from her all you want, Nemo...but soon, she will find out...and when she does, she will never want anything to do with you...ever again. Even now, as you've hurt her feelings, Camille is thinking of running away. Oh I will find her, and when I do...I will make her...die!
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