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Nemo and the Black Cauldron Part One

By King 'Ryan' Huffman 'The Brave of Houston Street'

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, I never have…the only thing I do own is well…some of my dialogue and such. Okay? Okay, then. And I'm sorry for disappointing you, this is not the chapter you were expecting, but I promise you that the next one will be the chapter that I promised that you'd see. 

Chapter Two: Meeting in Bree

"Barely a year before Nemo and I, along with our friends, were about to undertake the greatest adventure or quest, in this case, in Middle-Earth's history, Thorin received word to meet someone in the village of Bree, a great village to the east of the Shire…" Frodo narrated as Thorin, covered in a bluish-black hood, was seen walking in the ancient and proud village of Bree, the only permanent village in all of Middle-Earth where you'd see humans and Hobbits living together side by side. 

Bree was a peaceful town on the borders of the Shire, but like what you'd see today in Houston, Texas and London, England it rained a lot…and it really did. 

Thorin made his way through Bree, drenched and alone…until he reached the Inn of the Prancing Pony. 

Inside everyone, whether they were Hobbit or Man, were all seen laughing, smoking their pipes, drinking, eating and having a wonderful time together. 

When a waitress gave Thorin his drink and food, the Dwarf King-in-Exile smiled and said, "Thank you." 

Then Thorin put down his pipe and began to eat his bread, but the King had the unmistakable feeling that he was being watched by unfriendly eyes. 

All around the inn, Thorin could see many rough looking characters eying the King Under the Mountain. 

Thorin put down his bread, not knowing who'd make the first move. 

The fattest of the two rogues got up first as Thorin reached for his sword, ready to fight, followed by the skinniest of the two. 

But fortunately, another figure came and sat in front of Thorin, catching the Dwarf-King by surprise and causing the two rogues to sit back in their seats. 

"Mind if I join you?" Said the new figure in a baritone like voice. 

It was Gandalf, the very Wizard who predicted Nemo's future. 

Then he spoke to the waitress. "I'll have the same." 

After he made his order, Gandalf spoke to Thorin. 

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Gandalf. Gandalf the Grey." 

"I know who you are, Gandalf. My father spoke very highly of you. As did my grandfather." Thorin said. 

"Well, this is a fine chance. Tell me, what brings Thorin Oakenshield to Bree? Hmm?" Gandalf asked Thorin. 
After all, Thorin had not come just to have dinner and a drink in Bree. 

The King Under the Mountain sighed as he spoke to Gandalf. 

"I have received word that my father had been seen wandering the Wilds near Dunland. I went looking, and found no sign of him." Thorin said in disappointment, for his father had gone missing long after Smaug took Erebor from the Dwarves. 

"Thorin, it's been a long time since anything but rumor was heard of Thrain." Gandalf said. 

"He still lives, Gandalf. I am sure of it." Thorin said as Gandalf's food and drink came. 

"My father came to you once, Gandalf, before he went missing. What did you say to him?" Thorin asked the Wizard, who was about to eat. 

"I urged your father to march on Erebor, to rally the seven armies of the Dwarves to destroy Smaug and take back the Lonely Mountain. And I would say the same to you, Thorin. Take back your homeland." Gandalf urged Thorin who began to drink from his mug. 

"This is no chance meeting, is it…Gandalf?" 

"No…it is not." Gandalf said grimly to Thorin. 

"The Lonely Mountain troubles me, Thorin. That Dragon has sat there long enough. But there is also worse news." 

"Worse news? What do you mean?" Thorin asked in confusion. 

"I fear that Ganondorf and Smaug are in league with one another." 

Hearing that, Thorin accidentally choked on his own drink, causing him to cough. 

"What?! It cannot be. Smaug owes his allegiance to no one, not even to Ganondorf. If the Dragon had indeed joined the Dark Lord's forces, then we would have known it." Thorin said in surprise. 

How could Smaug and Ganondorf have possibly been in cahoots with each other?

"I know that it sounds impossible to believe, Thorin. But I'm afraid that it is true; Smaug and Ganondorf have indeed joined forces, for they both have a common enemy; you. Smaug wishes to keep his ill-gotten treasure forever, whereas Ganondorf wishes to make sure that you never become King Under the Mountain. And I fear that sooner or later darker minds, even Ganondorf's mind, will have and may have turned to Erebor. I ran into some unsavory characters whilst traveling on the Greenway. They mistook me for a vagabond." Gandalf said. 

"I imagine they regretted that." Thorin said with a laugh. 

"Indeed they did. One of them was carrying this. It carried a message. " Gandalf said as he showed a piece of cloth, and on that cloth was graffiti of the worst kind; graffiti written in the Black Speech of Mordor. 

"It is Black Speech, Thorin. A promise of payment." 

"For what?" Thorin asked in concern. 

"Your head." Gandalf answered. 

This caused Thorin to gasp in surprise. 

Who would dare want to kill Thorin and turn his head in for payment? 

"Someone wants you dead. Thorin, you can wait no longer. You are the heir to the Throne of Durin. Unite the armies of the Dwarves. Together you have the might and power to retake Erebor. Summon a meeting of the seven Dwarf families, demand that they stand by their oaths." Gandalf urged. 

"The seven Dwarf armies swore that oath to the one who wields the King's Jewel; the Arkenstone. It is the only thing that will unite them, and unless you've forgotten that jewel was stolen by Smaug." Thorin whispered. 

As Thorin whispered, the two rogues left the inn. 

Gandalf saw to it that they left, and as soon as they were gone, the Wizard spoke. 

"What if I were to help you reclaim it?" Gandalf insisted. 

"How? The Arkenstone lies half a world away buried beneath the feet of a fire-breathing Dragon, or worse, Smaug has taken our treasure to the Dark Tower of Barad-Dur…in exchange for his services to Ganondorf." Thorin whispered. 

"Yes, either of which is possible. Which is why we're going to need a burglar or two, and their friends. Perhaps even the heir of Aragorn."

"Aragorn's son still lives? Where does he live?" Thorin asked in surprise. 

"He's safe. Safe from the eyes of the Enemy, and he knows not…that he has a great destiny ahead of him, a destiny that will change the fate of Middle-Earth forever." Gandalf explained. 

"But does he know who he truly is? What he truly is?" Thorin asked. 

"No. And I suspect that no one has even told him yet, for fear that if he was told, his heart would be filled with vengeance and hate. But sooner or later, he will learn who he is. And he was far better off growing up away from all of that, until he was ready. The time has almost come, Thorin. We must make our final preparations. Gather what Dwarves from your line that you can and tell them to meet me in Hobbiton one year from now." Gandalf said. 

"Very well, Gandalf. It will be done. Soon, Erebor will be reclaimed for the Dwarves and Ganondorf and Smaug will finally pay for the crimes that they committed against the Free People of Middle-Earth." Thorin said. 

"Yes, indeed they will." Gandalf said in agreement as the scene turned to black. 

"But who would Gandalf and Thorin choose as their…burglar? That's where Nemo and I would later come in, along with our friends…barely a year later." Frodo narrated as the chapter ended. 

Author's notes: Whew. This was quite the chapter, and I must thank Sonicfighter for showing the link to the online video of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Originally I was going to do the actual first scene from Black Cauldron for this chapter, but…I had to put in a backstory that would explain Gandalf's motives behind taking down both Ganondorf and Smaug. 

I promise that the next chapter will be the one that I promised that I'd do in chapter one. You can trust me on that one. 

This chapter and its scene are a reference to the very beginning of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Though there is some dialogue that belongs to me. 

Kudos to Sonicfighter for showing me the link. 

And here it is, for those of you who have not seen Desolation yet;…

Until the next chapter, please read, review and suggest. 

See ya later, alligators. 
Not the chapter you were hoping, explains how the quest truly began, with Gandalf and Thorin making their plans in the village of Bree. 
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Great chapter. I can't wait to read the chapter you promised us to write.
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