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July 31, 2013
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....Down in the depths of Goblin-Town, the Goblins were carrying huge torture machines, ready to sadistically torture the Dwarves to death, with the exception of Thorin, who the Great Goblin would save for last...before he would send the Dwarf-King's head to Azog. 

Speaking of which, the Great Goblin was mocking the Dwarves through song. 

Great Goblin: Bones will be shattered

Necks will be wrung

You'll be beaten and battered

From racks you'll be hung

You will die down here and never be found

Down in the deep of Goblin-Town! 

As the Great Goblin sang, one of his minions was inspecting Orcrist, not recognizing it at first. 

But once it was unsheathed, the Goblin threw Orcrist away in fear and disgust, as though it had an effect on him. 

The Goblins recoiled in fear at the sight of Thorin's sword, even the Great Goblin did, as he recoiled back to his throne/toilet, crushing some of his followers again. 

"I know that sword. It is Orcrist...the Goblin-Cleaver, the Biter. The blade that sliced a thousand necks!" The Great Goblin said as the Goblins began surround the Dwarves and whip at them. 

"Slash them. Beat them. Kill them...kill them all. Cut off his head!" The Great Goblin ordered making the kill gesture towards Thorin, as a Goblin raised his blade ready to decapitate the King of Durin's Folk. 

Just when all hope seemed lost, a blinding flash of light appeared...knocking everything and everyone down in an instant, even the Great Goblin himself was thrown back. 

And then there was darkness....until a shadowy figure carrying both a staff and a sword came in, as everything brightened again...the firgure was revealed to be....Gandalf! 

In his left hand, he carried his trusty staff, but in other hand, Glamdring began to gleam...cold and white.

Once the Goblins got up and saw Gandalf, the Wizard spoke. 

"Take up arms, you fools. Fight. FIGHT!" 

The Dwarves got up and prepared to fight, while some of the Goblins charged at Gandalf...who whacked away many of the charging Goblins with his staff and hacked at them with Glamdring, which the Great Goblin recognized in an instant of fear. 

"He wields Glamdring...the Foe-Hammer, the Beater...bright as daylight!" He said, cringing in fear of Glamdring.

The Dwarves grabbed their respective weapons and started to fight off the Goblins. 

Heck, even Kili got his bow and arrows back. 

The Great Goblin got up, grabbed his scepter and prepared to crush Thorin, while he wasn't looking. 

Fortunately, Nori rolled over to his King with Orcrist in its sheath and called out. 


Thorin then grabbed Orcrist and parried the scepter, sending the Great Goblin, his throne and many of his followers tumbling down from the edge. 

As the fight continued, Dwalin tossed his trusty warhammer to Ori, who surprisingly wielded the mighty weapon with great expertise. 

Gandalf continued killing many Goblins, until eventually, he sliced at the neck of one of them, causing the Goblin to groan in surprise and Gandalf to smirk as he used his staff to tip...the poor Goblin's head clean off. 

The fighting continued until Gandalf urged the Dwarves to follow him. 

"Follow me. Quick. Run!" Gandalf cried out as the thirteen Dwarve followed him along the bridges of Goblin Town. 

Meanwhile, not realizing what was going on, Ash and Ryan continued on their way to where Dracula, Saruman and Sauron were probably residing. 

"Did you hear that, Ryan? That sounded like Gandalf." Ash said as he somehow heard Gandalf's voice. 

"Yeah, it did. And I suppose he's found the Dwarves." Ryan agreed. 

"We better keep moving, though. We gotta find the Tesseract before Sauron does." Ash said as the boys continued running and walking. 

Back at Goblin-Town, Gandalf and the Dwarves ran as fast as their legs could carry them. 

"Quickly!" Gandalf cried out. 

"Faster!" Dori screamed. 

With Dwalin in the the lead, wielding his two axes, he cut down many Goblins that came his way until he saw more coming. 

Then he got an idea as he cried out. 


Then with a swing of one of his axes, Dwalin was able to pull out one of the fence posts and with his fellow Dwarves, he was able to push through the Goblins. 


And when he was done, Dwalin hacked through more of the Goblins without any trouble. 

Gandalf pushed away more Goblins with his staff and struck some others with Glamdring. 

But still the Goblins gave chase. 

Gloin, with a swing of his ax, knocked a Goblin out of his way, causing the Goblin to scream and fall onto a bridge below, taking with him a few of his fellows and the bridge. 

Thorin was then seen swinging Orcrist in a circular like pattern, cleaving many Goblins in his path. 

He really did like this sword, for it fitted his style of fighting. 

Orcrist really was deserving of its name, the Goblin-Cleaver. 

Balin was then seen fighting some Goblins with his sword. 

He may have been an old Dwarf, but he still had the moves to take down a few monsters. 

Thorin then jumped on a Goblin archer, cutting him down. 

Many Goblins tried to get at the Dwarves, but Bofur, Nori and Ori were able to take them down. 

Thorin continued to take down a few Goblins with Orcrist, while poor, old deaf Oin began knocking many Goblins away with his staff. 

A few Goblins then tried swinging toward them on ropes, Thorin noticed this and called out. 

"Cut the ropes!" 

And when the Dwarves did cut the ropes, a bridge began to collapse and the ropes that the Goblins were swinging entangled. 

Kili and Fili where then seen killing some Goblins. 

Then a few Goblin archers came and tried to fire at them...and Kili fired back..until he found a wooden ladder and used it as a shield and as a way to entrap the Goblins as Fili, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur pushed the ladder forward and sent the Goblins falling to their deaths. 

Dwalin put his foot on the ladder so that it could act as a bridge, while Gandalf called out. 

"Come on, quickly!" 

"Bombur!" Fili called out. 

They continued to fight until they reached a ledge and saw a way to get across. 

"Go, go, go!" Bombur cried out. 

Kili cut the rope with his sword and the bridge swung to the other side. 

"Jump!" Thorin called out as they jumped off and landed on the edge. 

The Goblins continued to give persuit, and the Dwarves continued to fight. 

Even poor Bombur was surrounded by Goblins, until he jumped onto a bridge and caused it and the other bridges below to break, sending many Goblins to their deaths until he landed where the other Dwarves were. 

They continued to fight, even when Gandalf used his staff to cause a huge rock to fall. 

"Push!" Dwalin cried out as the Dwarves pushed the rock down, crushing many of the Goblins before it. 

They continued to fight until the Great Goblin popped out from under the last bridge and gave a smirk. 

"You thought you could escape me?" He laughed as he pushed Gandalf aside with his scepter. 

"What are you going to do now, Wizard?" The Great Goblin said with a wicked smirk. 

Gandalf used his staff to poke the Great Goblin's left eye, causing the Goblin to drop his scepter and groan in pain as he covered his eye. 

Gandalf then used Glamdring to slice at the Great Goblin's huge belly, causing him to scream in pain as he knelt down. 

Then the Great Goblin shrugged as he said his final words. 

"That'll do it." 

Then with a great swing, Gandalf sliced the Great Goblin's throat...killing him. 

But unfortunately, the dead Goblin's weight caused the bridge to crack and Gandalf and the Dwarves held onto dear life as they fell down and down, taking many bridges and Goblins with them. 

Until at last, they landed on rocky ground. 

Gandalf got himself up from the debris and saw the Dwarves were still on the bridge. 

"Well that could have been worse." Bofur said with a laugh...before the Great Goblin fell on them, almost crushing them with his weight. 

"Haver! You've got to be joking!" Dwalin said in annoyance. 

As Kili got out from under the Great Goblin's weight he gasped in shock. 

"Gandalf!" He cried out.

The Goblins were crawling down the rock walls, ready to kill the Dwarves for the death of the Great Goblin. 

"There's too many. We cannot fight them all." Dwalin stated. 

"And we've got to find Ash and his friends, and Ryan. We cannot abandon them to Sauron's power." Thorin said as the Dwarves followed him towards another cave in, which probably led to where Ash and his friends were. 

"That is a wise idea." Gandalf said to himself as he used his magic to disappear. 

If the Dwarves were to have any chance at all at reaching the Lonely Mountain and killing Smaug, they needed Ash and his friends to help them. 

But would they make it in time to save him from whatever evil tricks Sauron had in store for him? 

Only time and fate would answer those questions. 

Author's notes: This was quite the chapter, now Moria has been liberated from Durin's Bane and the Dwarves have escaped the jaws of death, now all that remains is for the true culprit to be revealed. But is it who everyone thinks it is? And Thorin gets the shock of his life...when he realizes that the Great Goblin was telling the truth. But what should I do with Saruman? Just outright kill him, or spare him...but have him scalped as a punishment...per Gandalf's advice on true courage? 

Anyway, here's what you need to know.

There are lots of references to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Young Frankenstein and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

And Ryan's Orc imitation is an original idea of mine. 

Until the next chapter, please, read, review and suggest. 

See ya later, alligators. 
Continued from part one.
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I am very sad your account at is gone but I can read your story here.
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Nice work. No suggestions at this time but keep up the good work.
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Hmm...maybe for Saruman's death, kill him straight on. Great work
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Excellent! I can't wait to see the next part. Also, why two parts when you can to the whole chapter in one go?
kinghuffy2 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Uh...just because I wanted to try it out, and it was quite long...if you might say.
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Oh. I see.
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